Sucabot Dental Guidance Surgical Robotic System

Sucabot Dental Guidance Surgical Robotic System assists dentists in dental implantation. We aim at delivering a visible, automatic and stable operation to the patients.


  • Precise, safe dental implantation
  • Simplified operation design, with automatic surgical planning, tracking and evaluation system


  • Integration and simplification of devices
  • Data-driven and deep learning based optimization of surgical plans
  • A.I.-assisted Optimization of Implantation plan, avoid subjective effect in operation
  • Shorten the preparation process
  • Safe surgery through intraoperative visualization and alerting
  • Show surgical position in different angles and dimension
  • With own designed in-mouth instruments (marker, drill)
  • Minimally invasive, stable, and accurate
  • Stable surgical time, and improved patient experience