Why Choose Us

Passion makes us move


Our team is original from University Research Centre for Medical Image Computing, which focuses on imaging analysis, artificial intelligence. Now we are developing surgical and medical imaging software by in-house developed algorithm and patents.


Our research and development team is composed by more than 20 academic and clinical professionals.


Our products are customized to various specialty to satisfy individual operation environments precisely.

The Next Generation Surgical Robotics

Traditional surgical robotics are huge, expensive and cumbersome in operation. With the popularization of artificial intelligence, part of the medical procedures could be accomplished by computer automatically. By combining cross disciplinary professionals includes radiology, computer vision and mechanical engineering, we are now creating a high-precision automatic surgical navigation and guidance system with stable, intelligent and easy to operate features to routine clinical procedures.

Intelligent Medical Technology

Sucabot employs the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and locate infected regions based on radiographic images in a fraction of seconds. In conjunction with multimodal medical imaging techniques such as CT and MRI, speciality-specific imaging sequences including functional MRI, diffuse tensor imaging and cerebral angiography can be fully utilized. While traditional computer assisted diagnosis and surgical planning systems are established manually, our solution could recommend optimal instrument insertion path to minimize trauma to the patients.



We are looking for world round clinical cooperation opportunities and inviting talents to participate in the next wave of minimal-invasive surgical innovations.